Kitty Felde |

This is how DC is different from LA

So say you have a doctors appointment in Santa Monica and you live east of the 405.  You know not to schedule it in the morning when traffic heading west on the 10 is heavy.  Or late in the afternoon.

In Washington, DC, rush hour traffic is the least of your worries.  And scheduling around the unexpected is a no win situation.

Take this morning.  Getting to a simple checkup was delayed by a) a Presidential motorcade which stops ALL traffic until the President passes...and for many minutes before that.  And b) delays on several subway lines - the red and the orange, to be specific.  Both of which were needed to get from my place to the doctor's office.

So venturing out in 90 degree heat, walking several blocks, dragging a laptop on my shoulder, were for naught.  The doctor herself was running behind schedule.  So we'll try this September.

The good news is that the weather should be cooler and traffic should be lighter since Congress is still out of town.