Kitty Felde |

Enter the Waters grandson Mikael Moore

I got a smile out of Maxine Waters' chief of staff Mikael Moore as he entered the office a few minutes ago.

And then the cameras of all the waiting photographers started clicking. When he left the office, the pack seemed to multiply. He and no comment, but politely paused so everyone could get their money shot. Here's mine: Moore was singled out in the ethics committee report for hands on help with OneUnited Bank as it tried to get federal relief during the financial meltdown. Moore's grandfather held stock in that bank - stock that was becomming worthless as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failed. Out in the hallway, cynical reporters that we are, the suspicion was that it was a decoy move to allow the Congresswoman to enter the office. This is not journalism's finest hour. It's the pack mentality of grabbing B roll to run under whatever breaking news there might be later in the day. But the options are few for reporters...wait patiently for an official news conference or one-on-one interview that may never happen, or haunt the hallways, iPhone camera and microphone in hand.