Kitty Felde |

Happy Birthday Colin Firth

It's one of the disadvantages of working in Washington, DC.  It's highly unlikely I'll have the opportunity to interview my favorite actor again. 

The only movie premieres we get here in DC are political thrillers and documentaries (and a lot of reality TV for some reason lately...)  So unless Mr. Firth is cast as a British politician or spy who comes to Washington, I'm out of luck.  His newest film "The King's Speech" lets him play Elizabeth's father King George VI.  I don't remember King George making much of a mark on DC, so it's not likely we'll get a premiere of that here. 

But perhaps Firth could play British Major General Robert Ross, the man who burned Washington, DC during the War of 1812.  Can't you just see the silent, tortured scene that precedes the General's decision?  Then he makes a speech like this:

"I determined to march upon Washington, and reached that city at eight o'clock that night. Judging it of consequence to complete the destruction of the public buildings with the least possible delay, so that the army may retire without loss of time, the following buildings were set fire to and consumed..."

But given movie financing these days, that scene would be shot in Romania and we still wouldn't get our DC premiere week where reluctant actors are forced to talk to a parade of reporters for hours on end.

Oh, well.  Guess I'll go back to interviewing politicians.