Kitty Felde

Who's the best dressed on the Hill?

So who's the Sultan of Sartorial Style in Washington?  No, it's not Nancy Pelosi.

While perusing "Washingtonian" magazine at the grocery store checkout line, I discovered that San Dimas Republican David Dreier was named the best dressed politico on Capitol Hill.  Speaker Pelosi was only number two.  The California Congressman knows how to pull together a snappy look in a town where boring is the name of the game.  (He was also named second best orator, after Steny Hoyer and third brainiest member of Congress.)

Here's the complete list:

But what about the rest of the town?  Is it doomed to being a permanent hot mess?  Not so.  "What Not To Wear" is coming to DC and is looking for nominees.  Here's your chance to really clean up Washington:

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