Kitty Felde |

On election night, California is still three hours behind the news

Here's something else Democrats are worried about: the Pacific time zone.

Democrats are mightily worried about losing the House and/or the Senate.  Much depends on voter turnout.  Republicans are - on the whole - more motivated to cast ballots in this mid-term election. 

There aren't that many California House incumbants with endangered seats.  Democrats Jerry McNerney up in the San Francisco's East Bay and Loretta Sanchez in Orange County have serious challenges from Republicans David Harmer and Van Tran; GOP Congressman Ken Calvert of Riverside and Mary Bono-Mack of Palm Springs face Democratic challengers Bill Hedrick and Steve Pougnet. 

There's also an open seat: Republican Congressman George Radanovich isn't running this time.   But there are plenty of seats across the country that could swing either way.

The networks are interested in which party will control the House and Senate.  And at least one Democratic strategist thinks an early call by the networks - before the polls close on the west coast - could drive down voter turnout. 

In this day of instant information on your phone, the point may be moot.  But Democrats remember the 1980 election when the presidential race was called for Ronald Reagan before many Californians had cast a ballot.

Martin Frost is former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Here's what he thinks:

What about you?  If you know one party or the other would take control of the House or Senate, would that keep you home?  Or have you - like a growing number of Californians - already cast your ballot?