Kitty Felde |

Parliamentary shenanigans in the Senate on immigration Dream Act

The Dream Act vote is postponed.  That's the result.  How we got there is a lot of backroom discussions and parliamentary craziness.

Senate Majority Speaker Harry Reid promised to bring the Dream Act up for a vote on cloture today at 11.  That means a test vote to see if there are 60 votes to avoid a fillibuster.  There aren't.  So just before the cloture vote, Senator Reid said basically - hey, the House passed its version last night.  Let's just vote on that one rather than our own. 

Why?  Because then you don't have to vote on it NOW. 

Republican Senators say they won't approve anything until there's an agreement on the tax cuts.  Which means certain death for the Dream Act.  Senator Reid could bring schedule a vote later on the House version of the Dream Act.  It still is unlikely to get the 60 votes needed to avoid a fillibuster, but that news would be postponed.

Reid got the simple majority he needed to "table" the cloture vote.  Which means the Dream (Act) lives another day.