Kitty Felde |

Another job opportuntiy

Some people read the obituaries.  I read the Jobs page in the "Washington Post."  I know so many people in California who've been looking for work for so long.  And I'm always spotting odd and interesting want ads that never crop up in the "LA Times."

Here's the latest:

"Saudi Aramco's nternational Talent Quest: Rewarding Physician Careers and a Lifestyle to Match."

The company describes itself as "the world's leading energy provider" is offering "competitive salaries" and a benefits package that includes six weeks vacation and a "generous travel allowance."  They're looking for physicians, clinical nurse specialists, and EMT professionals.

The jobs are in Saudi Arabia.  Which means no driving stress for the ladies.  (Though, local papers in Saudi Arabia are reporting that some officials are reconsidering the ban on female drivers.)

Hiring managers will be in Houston in February.