Kitty Felde |

Update on the David Dreier/Maxine Waters seating for State of the Union

I mentioned on the air the sartorial style of a pair of California Representatives who've decided to sit together tonight.  Apparently, the two have something cooked up for their appearance on the House floor. 

In a statement from Congresswoman Waters' office, she says they've "coordinated our outfits for this special occasion."

Here's the rest of her statement:

“Although my friend and colleague Congressman Dreier and I have been engaged in conversations about the extraordinarily high unemployment rate in California and in minority communities, and although my husband and I recently enjoyed a nice visit to David’s new offices, I was still surprised to receive his phone call inviting me to sit with him during the State of the Union tonight. But I am happy to do so, and agreed to help arrange the seating on the Democratic side of the aisle. I thought, well, why not? Let’s see what this act of bipartisanship means tonight, and more importantly, tomorrow. We have even coordinated our outfits for this special occasion. 

The many issues confronting our nation are people’s issues, not party issues. The welfare and strength of our nation should be foremost in all of our legislative minds as we work to create jobs, stabilize the economy and housing markets, invest in our nation’s infrastructure, and create educational opportunities for young and working people so that we remain competitive in the 21st century global economy.

Now I didn’t say we are going to agree on everything, like when I watched Mr. Dreier just last night push through a rule to pass the Republican budget plan, their intention to make deep cuts to critical programs. But I hope we can disagree when necessary, work together when possible, and still remain friends, committed to our constituents in California and the American people.”