Kitty Felde |

Griping about Jane Harman

Jane Harman is leaving Congress in a few days.  She's becoming head of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. 

But one southern Californian thinks she should pay for the election to replace herself in Congress.  A former Bush administration official Richard Grenell - who, by the way does NOT live in her district - is  drumming up populist anger over having to pay for a special election.

Harman delayed her departure from Capitol Hill (at the request of Governor Brown) to make it possible to hold her special election on the same day as one already being scheduled.

Grenell told "The Hill" newspaper, “I would really like to know when she started negotiating for this job."

I asked Harman that very question the day she publicly announced she was leaving politics.  Harman - and a Wilson Center official - made it very clear that the Wilson Center approached her in December - AFTER she had been re-elected.

That doesn't mean the issue is closed.  Expect lots of chatter on talk radio demanding Harman use her personal wealth to pay for the election.

In other Harman-related news, a poll from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee suggests the race to replace her is wide open, with just a four point difference between Debra Bowen and Janice Hahn.  Most voters at this point are undecided.