That OJ glove performance still sticks in Chris Darden's craw

Some gripes never die.

Christopher Darden, one of the prosecutors in the Simpson/Goldman murder trial, was asked about the case at a university panel.  He accused OJ Simpson's defense team of manipulating the evidence.  He says he thinks  lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran tore the glove's lining during a lunch break, making it impossible for Simpson to slip his hand inside.  Cochran is dead.  But Alan Dershowitz, one of the defense team members, says he's "certain" defense lawyers had no access to the glove before OJ Simpson tried it on and the famous "if it don't fit, you must acquit" line was born.

Dershowitz accuses Darden of a "whiny-little-snitch approach." 

It's not the first theory floated by Darden.  Early on, prosecutors suggested it was dried blood that made the glove stiff and difficult to put on, or that Simpson was acting his way through struggling to put on the glove.