Putting in context speculation about John Bryson's possible earlier seizures

Various news reports have suggested that federal Commerce Secretary John Bryson suffered a seizure before his recent traffic collisions. Accounts of a rambling commencement address at Pasadena's Polytechnic High School's graduation over the weekend fuel that speculation.

It might be helpful to re-examine his earlier speeches.

First of all, John Bryson is not the most dynamic public speaker. Here he is making his first major speech, shortly after he was sworn in as Commerce Secretary. It's from December, before the US Chamber of Commerce:


Bryson is a deliberate speaker, making his points slowly, in a manner more wooden than animated. Here he is at Carnegie Mellon University in February:



The latest labor war: NLRB vs Issa

Labor issues were at the heart of the dispute over funding the Federal Aviation Administration.  Language in a long term funding bill changed the way votes were counted for airline employees deciding whether to unionize.  A short term funding bill was passed, without resolving the labor dispute.

The nomination of former Edison International CEO John Bryson as Commerce Secretary is hung up over labor issues as well.  Bryson sat on the National Labor Relations Board which stopped Boeing from moving jobs from Seattle to South Carolina.

Now, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of Temecula, as head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has issued a subpoena to the NLRB as part of its investigation into the Boeing decision.  Here's the reason, according to Issa,"NLRB's action in the case against Boeing has the potential to create a job-killing precedent just as U.S. manufacturers are working toward economic recovery.  That a Washington, D.C.-based bureaucracy could dictate the work location and parameters for a world-leading company is unprecedented in a global economy and hobbles a leading American job creator at a time of economic vulnerability,"