Fear the beard?

Washington has earned its reputation as one of the dullest fashion spots on the planet, so I always appreciate the California delegation's willingness to break out out of the usual charcoal/navy suit routine for the gentlemen and finding alternatives to the Nancy Pelosi suit on the feminine side. 

Republican Congressman John Campbell has taken several fashion risks over the years, including a navy pinstripe suit that would have let him play Nathan Detroit in the Little Theatre of Alexandria's production of "Guys and Dolls." But I applaud the effort to break out of the dull of the rigid Washington dress code.

However, the Republican from Irvine is now sporting facial hair and is soliciting opinions about whether it's a good look or not. Distinguished or makes him seem like his evil twin from an alternative universe? It's not the scary Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants beard, but it's a statement.


Angry Democrats

The news conference featured more than a dozen California Democrats mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  The target of their ire: not their GOP colleagues. They were furious with the man at the top of their own party: President Obama. 

One in three Californians owes more than their house is worth. Members of Congress say they're hearing from those constituents.

Congressman Dennis Cardoza of Modesto accused the administration of not doing "a darned thing" to help homeowners floundering in the housing crisis, saying the Obama administration has "not gotten it right over and over and over."

Jackie Speier of San Mateo demanded, "Do something real, Mr. President!"

Jim Costa of Fresno said he doesn't want "to hear about tweaks" to federal rescue programs. He's looking for the White House plan to solve the housing crisis.