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My Dog Shorted Out My Digital Textbook

It doesn't quite have the same ring as the original homework excuse, but students will certainly come up with something. This morning we talked about Governor Schwarzeneggar's request that California move toward online, open-source, texts to replace today's physical books.

Some callers were concerned that this would put lower-income students in an even worse position than they're in now. However it seems to me that districts will soon be able to buy low priced notebook computers for every student at less than it costs to equip them with textbooks. Wouldn't this help level the resources available, so that every student has access to a wide range of online texts?Please let me know what you think, particularly if your a teacher or parent.

Tomorrow, we'll update the options for healthcare reform and talk with writer William Vollman about his nearly 1,300-page book on Imperial County. Isn't that about a page per county resident?