Larry Mantle |

Listeners sound off on "The Trauma Myth"

This morning's debate on child sexual abuse, and whether such abuse is inherently traumatic for a child, was one of the most heated we've hosted in some time. Psychologists Susan Clancy, author of "The Trauma Myth," and Gail Wyatt of UCLA, squared off over how best to treat victims of such abuse. It was intense, and featured wonderfully open listener calls that recounted experiences of abuse and how the callers have dealt with it. Yet again, I was so impressed by our listeners. They kicked the conversation up to a whole other level. Please share your comments about the segment.

Tomorrow, L. A. Times columnist Doyle McManus will talk with us about what polls, and last week's Massachusetts Senatorial election, are saying about the mood of independent voters. Most of them voted for Obama, but more and more of them seem dissatisfied with his initiatives and leadership.

We'll also talk with the author of a new book detailing his year-long travels by Amtrack, and what he learned about American passenger rail in the process.