Larry Mantle |

Hillary Clinton talks tough with Israel

I'm finding fascinating the critical comments toward Israel coming from members of the Obama administration, particularly the Secretary of State. It seems a pretty significant tonal change from what we've heard in the recent past.

I assume that there's been criticism of some of Israel's decisions by earlier administrations that were handled privately. Now, with Benjamin Netanyahu's government shaky, it looks like the Obama administration has decided to up the pressure. The Israeli Interior Ministry's decision to announce its major east Jerusalem development while Joe Biden was visiting gave a big opening for the continued criticism.

Israel is a very important U. S. ally, but previous administrations' reluctance to publicly criticize Israeli policies with which it disagrees has left America open to criticism that it doesn't deal objectively with Israel.

However, the special place that Israel holds in the U. S. isn't going to change anytime soon. There is a great emotional and political affinity here for Israel that politicians know needs to be taken seriously.

So, how would you proceed in dealing with Israel? Wednesday morning on "AirTalk," we'll find out what listeners like you think.