The Klitschko brothers visit KPCC

This afternoon we welcomed heavyweight boxing champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko to our studios for an interview to be aired in a few weeks.  The brothers are doing interviews in advance of the opening of the new documentary, Klitschko, which features the back-story of how the pair became the first brothers to ever simultaneously capture all the heavyweight titles available.

I won’t bother recounting the interview, as you’ll have a chance to hear it in about three weeks.  However, I wanted to share with you what the brothers were like off-mic during their visit.

Wladimir greeted me by saying how much he appreciated my willingness to interview them, given how hard he’d heard it was to get a booking on AirTalk.  I told him the pleasure was mine and that I’d seen many of his and Vitali’s fights over the years.  I’m a big fan of both boxers and thanked them for coming to talk about the documentary and their careers.  Over the course of our 45-minutes together, I understood why the Klitschkos are generally well-liked in boxing.  They were pleasant and gracious.