The Roberts surprise on ACA

It seems no one saw this coming.  The Chief Justice's agreement with the Supreme Court's liberals on the Affordable Care Act was a stunner.  Given how polarizing the court has been, this is a real curveball.

As someone who loves wonky legal stuff, I'm fascinated by Roberts' constitutional justification for the law.  The Solicitor General Don Verrilli's oral arguments in the case were widely criticized.  But it appears he was right on with his argument about the penalty that wasn't a tax really being a tax.

Will this decision have any bearing on the Presidential race?  What do you think?


What social safety net would Jesus construct?

That’s the gist of a conversation we’re planning for Tuesday morning’s "AirTalk."  As a former Biblical Studies major in college (before getting my degree in psychology), I’m particularly interested in this topic.  I’ve encountered many guests over the years who are convinced that their interpretation of the Bible is correct.  I’m looking forward to hearing what our upcoming guests have to say about how they discern a Christian position on aid to the poor.

Speaking of aid to the needy, I appreciated hearing the voices of numerous patients and health workers at the just-concluded free clinic at the L. A. Sports Arena.  It was impressive to see all the volunteers who provided expertise and time to this worthy cause.