Shutting kids out

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we asked listeners what they thought of the growing trend of restaurants and airlines excluding young kids altogether, or limiting where they can be.  Malaysian Airlines bars infants from first-class, while a Pennsylvania restaurant has decided to ban kids under the age of six.  My wife and I enjoy a local restaurant that regularly features jazz, but doesn’t allow kids.

I was surprised by the overwhelming percentage of listeners who supported the bans.  Very few called in to challenge restaurant patrons to be more tolerant of children’s behavior.

Though it’s an unscientific sample, it represents many people who’ve had enough of kids acting out publicly, without parents taking action.  I’m sure you’ve seen examples of both excellent and deficient parenting in public places.  It’s unfortunate that some airlines and restaurants feel they have to consider this action to protect their environments for other customers.  However, many of our listeners clearly want to see the practice expanded.  What do you think?


Anthony Weiner admits he lied

I’ve just watched the Congressman’s news conference in which he admitted sending sexually-explicit photos, and engaging in inappropriate online conversations, with several young women.  Much of the criticism of Congressman Weiner will undoubtedly relate to his lack of judgment from carrying on with the women.  However, I think his bigger challenge is recovering from his inept and bald-faced attempt at covering it up.

Congressman Weiner went so far as to lie to his supposed friend Jon Stewart, and a cavalcade of journalists, that he had sent the crotch shot that started the whole coverage.   He further allowed the young woman in suburban Seattle who received the photo to be hung out to dry as she issued a statement downplaying the event.

I don’t see how an elected official recovers credibility when he’s forced to admit he lied.  I wonder what would’ve happened had he first admitted the photo was his and that he had sent it to the woman.  He could’ve admitted that he had done this before and that this was a wake-up call that he needed to stop.