Where have all the GM's gone?

As much market share as General Motors has lost nationally, you see the impact even more in Southern California. Scanning the streets and parking lots, it’s hard to pick out the GM vehicles amidst overwhelming numbers of Asian and European imports. It’s another example of how our region has led the way on a major American trend. Hopefully, GM can strengthen its surviving brands and return to profitability. I’d appreciate getting your input on what you would do if you were CEO of the company. How would you lead GM through its crisis?

Tomorrow, the former host of NPR’s late Day To Day, Madeleine Brand, will guest host AirTalk. I’ll be attending a performance at my son’s school, and am so happy that Madeleine is able to step in for me. I’ll talk with you on Wednesday.


Irresponsible horror

The new Pixar animated feature Up has been getting almost univerally excellent reviews. Our Wade Major was the rare dissenter. However, he turned around and hailed the new Sam Raimi horror movie Drag Me to Hell.

The film may be a delight for horror fans, but I found the early primetime placement of its TV ads irresponsible. I probably shouldn’t blame the studio’s marketers, as they want to maximize eyeballs (pun intended). However, I don’t know what Disney’s ESPN and Time-Warner’s TNT were thinking in scheduling the spots in early evening hours Pacific time during NBA playoff games. If you have any opinion on this, please share it.

Monday, we’ll talk about the President’s plan for a cyber czar to confront the increasing number of attacks on the nation’s digital infrastructure. Have a great weekend.


Goodbye to a landmark, hello to a familiar voice

I have to admit that I hadn’t been following the story of Hollywood Park’s future closing all that closely. I knew that it had been purchased by a development company, but didn’t realize how far along the proposed $2-billion dollar project is to city approval. Regardless of what replaces the track, its closing will be sad. The era of horseracing isn’t over, but the sport’s downsizing is well underway. Though Santa Anita is for sale, Arcadia officials assure that new ownership will have to operate the site as a racetrack. At least we’ll still have Santa Anita, Del Mar, and Pomona for a while longer.

This morning, Madeleine Brand, co-host of the former NPR program Day to Day, sat next to me in the studio, observing how we do AirTalk. I’m not sure I could’ve stayed perfectly quiet for two hours, as she did! Madeleine will guest host for me next Tuesday, as I’ll be attending a performance at my son’s school. For the large numbers of us who miss her daily voice, it’ll be a treat to hear her on our air again.


Hard to imagine

It’s hard to imagine what California’s emergency rooms will look like if the proposed cuts in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families go through. Given what our guests said about the few areas available for the Legislature and Governor to make big cuts, it looks like the Federal government is the only hope for keeping a portion of the healthcare funding. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in Sacramento.

Tomorrow, our Orange County journalists will look at the reception Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is receiving, now that she’s been on the job nearly a year.