How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

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WIth Arizona's SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration law set to take effect Thursday and a court decision on its fate expected at any time, most of the top immigration stories continue to come out of Arizona, where 89.3 KPCC will be headed later this week. Here are a few:

  • A decision that could suspend the implementation of SB 1070 is expected soon from U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton, according to KTAR in Phoenix. Bolton heard arguments last week in two of several legal challenges to the measure, including a federal government lawsuit.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports on a Phoenix hate-crime case, the fatal May shooting of a Latino U.S. citizen, in which the shooter is thought to have been motivated by the climate of racial tension surrounding SB 1070; in an opinion piece, Gregory Rodriguez points out how the numbers - i.e. dropping illegal border-crossing arrests - conflict with the angry rhetoric. He also takes mainstream media, including his employer, to task for opening the online comments section to "racist rants."

  • According to a USA Today story out of Mexico City, Mexican officials are preparing for an increase in deportees if SB 1070 is implemented, with additional consulate workers in Arizona and border migrant shelters bracing for new arrivals.

  • Taking an agricultural perspective, CattleNetwork asks interesting questions in this short piece, such as: "Should growers, dairy operators and livestock producers simply be compensated better for their production in order to pay higher wages to legal workers? This would likely raise some food prices."

  • Politico observes how the ongoing immigration debate - and the ongoing impasse on immigration reform - benefits politicians and special-interest groups.

  • Finally, on an unrelated note, the Daily Breeze highlights a report that calls on lawmakers to draw more grocery stores to low-income neighborhoods.

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