How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning

As the clocks ticks toward the implementation of Arizona's SB 1070 on Thursday - with no court decision yet - the national media is focused on Phoenix. A few stories from there and elsewhere:

  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is seeking dismissal of the federal government's challenge to SB 1070 on constitutional grounds, reports the New York Daily News and other outlets.

  • In this USA Today story, an Arizona law professor predicts a court ruling before Thursday.

  • In the meantime, some Arizona cops are watching training videos and preparing to enforce the law, the Arizona Republic reports.

  • Yesterday, the Arizona Republic reported that concerns about racial profiling in the Grand Canyon State are not unfounded, as there have been previous documented cases.

  • Reuters has this analysis on the political implications of SB 1070 for the GOP. It also offers some background on Arizona Republican state Senator Russell Pearce, the man behind the measure.

  • In Los Angeles, city council members are to consider a second exemption to the city's Arizona boycott: Whether to continue contracting with airport transportation service Super Shuttle, based in Arizona. The Los Angeles Times has this post via City News Service.

  • Leaving Arizona behind, the Lincoln Star Journal reports that the city council in Fremont, Nebraska is likely to suspend enforcement of a controversial anti-illegal immigration housing ordinance.

  • National Geographic reports on how, in spite of predictions that demographic shifts will slow future migration to the United States from Mexico, global warning might in fact spur more of it.

  • Finally, a bizarre purported bit of celebrity scandal from TMZ involving Mel Gibson, ICE, and a Minuteman group that claims to have ratted him out.

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