How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Poll: Majority of CA voters say immigrants working here illegally should be able to stay

Photo by Leslie Berestein Rojas/KPCC

An undocumented housekeeper on her cleaning rounds, mopping a Los Angeles apartment, October 2010

A story in yesterday's Los Angeles Times reported the results of a new LAT/University of Southern California poll that found most California voters to hold a positive view of immigrants, as well as a lenient attitude toward those here illegally.

Among a random sample of 1,501 California voters, 48 percentĀ of those likely to cast ballots in November said that immigrants were a benefit to the state as opposed to a burden, according to the poll. A majority also felt that those contributing to the economy should be allowed to stay.

From the story:

Separately, 59% of likely voters said that an illegal immigrant who had lived and worked in the United States for at least two years should be allowed to remain here if discovered. More than 2 in 5 voters said they felt strongly that such an option should be available. Only 30% of likely voters thought the illegal immigrant should be deported, and only 19% backed that option strongly.

The survey was conducted by both Democratic and Republican polling firms.
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