How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: New tack on employers and immigration, trucker in 2003 smuggling deaths re-sentenced, Homeboy Industries gets roll

GOP to target employers who hire illegal workers - 89.3 KPCC After long pushing border enforcement, GOP leaders in the House are taking a different tack, promising to go after employers who provide an employment magnet by hiring unauthorized workers.

Opening statements set to begin today in Shawna Forde murder trial - KVOA Tucson Forde, who was part of a Minuteman group, is accused of being the ringleader behind a May 2009 home invasion in Arizona in which a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter were murdered.

Rights group’s report on immigration focuses on Kobach - Kansas City Star The Southern Poverty Law Center's report is critical of the legal and other costs involved with the anti-illegal immigration measures - among them Arizona's SB 1070 - drafted with advice from attorney and activist Kris Kobach, who recently became Kansas Secretary of State.

Trucker Tyrone Williams Sentenced to 34 Years For Deaths of 19 Illegal Immigrants - Fox News Latino Williams has been re-sentenced to 34 years for his role in transporting 70 unauthorized immigrants in a sweltering tractor trailer in 2003, which resulted in the deaths of 19 people. He had originally received multiple life sentences.

Homeboy Industries Launches Chips, Salsa + A Food Truck - LA Weekly Starting today for the next two weeks, a Homeboy Industries food truck will be rolling through the city handing out free chips and salsa; the chips and salsa will be sold at Ralphs stores.

Long Island Muslims fear their congressman's hearings could flame Islamophobia - The Washington Post Planned congressional hearings on alleged hidden radicalism among American Muslims has triggered panic among U.S. Muslims who fear they could be unfairly targeted.

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