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After the ranting anti-Asian UCLA student, three great music videos

Screen shot from Wallace's video
Screen shot from Wallace's video

Whatever misguided creativity moved UCLA student Alexandra Wallace to post a video of herself ranting about Asian students in the library and utter her now-famous "ching chong, ling long, ting tong" line a week and a half ago fell far short of what she termed "an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video."

Wallace, who claimed afterward to receive death threats, has since announced that she'll no longer attend UCLA. But during her brief infamy, she spawned a creative legacy of videos made in response to her rant, and these have continued to appear. Some have been funnier than others, some angrier than others, and not all have been high art.

But some, like these three music videos, have been nothing short of genius.

This week, Angry Asian Man posted the video and lyrics for a hilarious rap from the San Diego hip hop band afterschoolspecial, filmed, naturally, in a library. The video:

Last week, the talented Jimmy Wong sang his way to Internet stardom after turning his reaction into a folksy comic love song:

And then there's the dance remix video, which is hard to describe in words:

Wallace's rant also inspired a series of comic parodies, among them this early gem.

The humor has been one way of coping with something very un-funny. The video posted by Wallace angered so many people that UCLA Chancellor Gene Block's Facebook page was flooded with comments for days. The university did not pursue disciplinary action against Wallace, who according to The Daily Bruin chose to withdraw on her own for "personal safety reasons."