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Immigration issues hit home for Latino voters

Source: impreMedia-Latino Decisions Tracking Poll, June 9, 2011

Since early this year, the polling firm Latino Decisions has been working with impreMedia, parent company of the Spanish-language Los Angeles newspaper La Opinión, to produce a series of tracking polls measuring Latinos voters' attitudes.

A recent poll this spring ranked the importance of various federal policy issues, with immigration topping the list. Now, the latest poll digs more deeply into the immigration topic. Its results illustrate just how personal of an issue immigration is for these voters, and provide a glimpse into the prevalence of mixed status in family and community circles.

Out of a sample of 500 registered voters in 21 states who identified as Latino, 53 percent said they knew someone who is undocumented. One-fourth said they knew a person or family who has faced immigrant detention or deportation.

From a summary of the June tracking poll, a few of the highlights:

53% of Latino registered voters say they know somebody who is an
undocumented immigrant; and 16% say they have a family member who is
undocumented immgrant

25% say they know a person or family who has faced detention or
deportation for immigration reasons

76% say they believe an anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic environment
exists today

75% support comprehensive immigration reform that would provide a
pathway to citizenship

74% want the President to stop the deportation of of any undocumented
immigrant who has not committed a crime, and is married to a U.S.
citizen or legal resident

66% want the President to stop the deportation of any undocumented
immigrant high school and college age youth who has not committed any crime.

This is the third in a series of six national polls exploring the opinions of Latino voters. Latino Decisions and impreMedia have announced they will release more detailed results next week.