Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Secure Communities hearing, 'The Submission,' CA redistricting and Latinos, missing migrants, more

Task force hears concerns, complaints about Secure Communities deportation program - Southern California Public Radio In a packed town hall meeting last night in Los Angeles, hundreds of people opposed to Homeland Security's Secure Communities immigration enforcement program voiced their complaints to a federal task force, saying it undermines trust in local police.

Frequent flier fracas: Muslims face travel woes - San Francisco Chronicle A Muslim civil rights group has sent letters to federal officials on behalf of two young Muslim men, saying they were improperly placed on a no-fly list. The two have been unable to board international flights.

The Submission by Amy Waldman: Book Review - USA Today "What if a Muslim-American architect won an anonymous competition to design a memorial at Ground Zero for the victims of 9/11? Should an architect's religion trump his design?" These are among the questions posed by Amy Waldman's much talked about new novel, "The Submission."

California's New Election Map Draws Fire from GOP and Latino Groups - Fox News Latino An independent redistricting commission has given its final approval to a new California election map that redraws the state's political boundaries. Critics of the map say it benefits Democrats but doesn't fairly represent the state's Latino population.

Illegal immigrant who oversaw abuse at 'drop house' gets 20 years - Los Angeles Times A 29-year-old Guatemalan man who directed a "drop house," where immigrants were held against their will and say they were tortured with cattle prods and other devices, was sentenced yesterday.

The Other Border: Families Look for Missing Migrants in Mexico - Huffington Post Families of migrants from Central American countries have traveled by caravan to Mexico City, seeking answers as to what happened to their loved ones en route to the United States.