Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Prolonged immigrant detention ruled unconstitutional, CA Dream Act goes to Assembly, Katt Williams apology, more

Years-long immigrant detentions unconstitutional, appeals court rules - CNN A federal appeals court has ruled that the "prolonged imprisonment of immigrants fighting deportation -- without giving them bail hearings and without forcing the government to justify the detention -- is unconstitutional."

Illegal immigration is flash point for Republican White House hopefuls - The Washington Post The candidates are bringing up other issues such as the economy, but their GOP constituents, even those far from the border, continue responding to immigration issues.

Treat uncle's deportation case like any other, Obama says - The Boston Globe A White House press secretary has said that "President Obama expects his uncle’s deportation case to be treated like any other immigration matter." His 67-year-old half-uncle Onyango Obama is being held for allegedly violating a 1992 deportation order.

Dream Act: California embraces anti-Arizona role on illegal immigration - Christian Science Monitor A bill that would grant public financial aid for tuition to undocumented college students is on its way to the state Assembly for approval.

Muslim Leaders Criticize Police Response to Scuffle - New York Times Muslim civil rights leaders have accused authorities of using excessive force after an amusement park’s restrictions on hijab, women's religious head coverings, provoked an altercation that led to 15 arrests.

Activist accepts Katt Williams' apology for anti-Mexican rant - CNN The comic has issued a written statement through his publicist that includes an apology for a rant at a Phoenix nightclub, which escalated after he told a club patron to go back to Mexico.