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'To my bomb man!': Anti-Islamic school bullying and the shapes it takes

There's an interesting piece on the rise of anti-Muslim bullying in The Huffington Post written by Engy Abdelkader, a human rights attorney. Abdelkader cites a recent report's findings that "a primary factor underlying the persistent harassment, ridicule and discrimination against American Muslim children is the American mainstream's general perception of Islam and Muslims."

Some of the bullying is violent in tone and some isn't, but it's damaging to kids all the same, she writes. An example:

"You boys were so much fun on the 8th grade trip! Thanks for not bombing anything while we were there!" read the yearbook inscription penned by the middle school teacher.

The eighth grade yearbook was littered with similar remarks by classmates linking Omar to a "bomb."

"To my bomb man!" read one note. "Come wire my bomb," read another.

...In May 2009, Omar joined his classmates on a school trip to Washington, D.C. As they toured the Washington Monument, visited area museums and passed by the White House, the kids repeatedly told Omar they hoped he wouldn't "bomb" any of the sites. A teacher chaperoned the children, heard the comments and responded by doing... well, nothing, except leave a denigrating remark in Omar's yearbook a month later.

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