Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Long waits for legal immigration, fallout from Alabama law, controversy over E-Verify bill, more

Immigrants find legal paths to U.S. long, difficult – USA Today Obtaining permanent legal resident status can take many years, even for professionals. It took one man profiled, a Peruvian-born television producer who speaks four languages, more than a decade.

Illegal Immigrants Flee In Face Of New Laws, But To Where? - Neon Tommy Strict anti-illegal immigration state laws have caused immigrants to flee states like Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia. Experts say it’s impossible to track just where those who flee wind up.

Will Alabama's Immigration Law Cause Short-term Hiccup or Long-term Heartache? - PBS NewsHour Alabama's new immigration law has caused a worker shortage, a farm industry crisis and school absences, among other things. Proponents say this is a hiccup, while others say the damage to the state will be long-term.

DREAM Act-Eligible Man Faces Deportation, Despite Policy Change - Huffington Post Immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, like 25-year-old Shamir Ali of Miami, continue to land in deportation proceedings in spite of a federal deportation policy revision that could spare them.

Alabama immigration law: Max's Deli owner in spotlight after supporting his legal employees - Birmingham deli owner Steve Dubrinsky has "faced calls for a boycott from some patrons and a barrage of personal smears" after being quoted speaking in support of his workers in a local news story regarding the state's strict new immigration law.

E-Verify briefing turns into shouting match - Southern California Public Radio A briefing for Capitol Hill staffers on a bill that would require employers to verify workers' status turned into a screaming match, with opponents calling the federal E-Verify database  "a flawed system rife with errors."