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American snapshot: Día de Los Muertos, the slip-ons

Photo by facio/Flickr (Creative Commons)

A post this morning about el Día de Los Muertos got into the holiday's bittersweet true meaning, away from the art, the revelry and the commerce. But it's impossible to ignore the latter as the Mexico's celebration of deceased loved ones grows increasingly mainstream in the U.S.

Mountains of Día de Los Muertos-themed merchandise are found at large commercial festivals like, for example, the one held late last month at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles.

But the owner of these slip-on beauties didn't have to brave the crowds. Writes N. Facio on his Flickr page, "Son mis zapatos favoritos. (They're my favorite shoes). And I got them at a Shoe City outlet store. They were made by Skechers."

Well okay, then. What Day of the Dead merchandise have you seen around this year, and what do you think of it? Feel free to share tales or photos below.