Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Latinos and political redistricting, pockets of extreme poverty grow in US, Alabama vs. feds on immigration, more

In Redistricting, Where Do 50 Million Latinos Fit? - NPR As states redraw their political district lines based on changing demographics, some groups, including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, are pushing for majority-Latino districts.

Pockets of poverty grow in the United States - Reuters A new study finds that the populations of extremely poor neighborhoods grew by one-third in the last decade. While African Americans remain the single largest group in such neighborhoods, the rest of these poor are now more likely to be white.

U.S.-born children take fight over tuition to court – USA Today A Florida lawsuit takes on the rare practice of forbidding U.S.-born students who are citizens from obtaining in-state tuition because they have undocumented parents.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Gets Visa After 'World News' Story - ABC News Israeli immigrant and Stanford graduate Amit Aharoni, who secured $1.65 million in venture capital with two partners to launch an online cruise booking company, had been forced to leave the country after learning last month that his visa request was denied.

Alabama's attorney general balks at giving feds school data - CNN Alabama's attorney general is questioning whether the federal government has the legal right to ask for school data following the implementation of the state's new anti-illegal immigration law, which prompted a rash of school absences.

Latinos In Group Hit Hardest By Poverty, Census Data Says - Fox News Latino New census data shows that one in 15 Americans now is among the "poorest poor," and Latinos are among those worst affected.