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Why it's so difficult to legalize through marriage - as explained by cuddly creatures (Video)

Thanks to immigration attorney Jonathan Montag for supplying this bizarre little video that explains the immigration dilemma faced by mixed-status couples - in this case a U.S. citizen hoping to legalize his wife - via cuddly creatures with oddly robotic voices.

Montag posted the video in the comments section beneath a Q&A from Friday. In that post, former American Immigration Lawyers Association president David Leopold debunked the myth that having a U.S. citizen spouse (or immediate relatives, even) equals a path to legal status.

Especially for many people who entered the U.S. illegally, it's next to impossible to adjust one's status, even through marriage. The Q&A followed a series of first-person stories from people in families with mixed immigration status.

If the cuddly U.S. citizen bear telling his story in the video appears somewhat clueless about the rules, he's not alone. The rules are vague for most of the general public and myths abound, especially when it concerns marriage to a citizen or having U.S.-born children.

The video was made using Xtranormal Movie Maker, a program that allows users to produce videos using a choice of animated characters. Check out this one from August in which the same adorable critters - one with a British accent this time - discuss the Obama administration's new deportation policy.