Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Prosecutorial discretion gets tested, no transplant for undocumented NY man, 'All-American Muslim' controversy, mo

States use new tactics on illegal immigrants – USA Today Future crackdowns may include more states pushing enforcement tactics like use of the federal online employee immigration status-checking program E-Verify; this year, the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law mandating that employers use it.

Prosecutorial review puts immigration cases in holding pattern, infuses a sense of hope - The Denver Post The cases of 7,800 immigrants in the Denver area are being reviewed by federal prosecutors during a six-week pilot program, part of the Obama administration's plan to implement prosecutorial discretion in deportation cases. The program is also being tested in Baltimore.

Judge gives green light to case seeking counsel for mentally disabled immigrant detainees - The Washington Post A federal judge in Los Angeles has granted class-action status to a case filed on behalf of mentally disabled immigrant detainees in California, Washington and Arizona, who lack legal representation and are not mentally competent to represent themselves.

For Illegal Immigrant, Line is Drawn at Transplant - The New York Times An undocumented New York waiter in need of a kidney transplant has learned that while the government is willing to pay $75,000 a year to cover dialysis, it will not cover the $100,000 cost of transplanting a kidney from his brother, which if successful would take him off dialysis.

Muslims caught in reality show crossfire struggle to understand controversy - The Washington Post The families portrayed in the "All-American Muslim" reality show on TLC react to the controversy after a Florida Christian-right activist group began targeting the show, prompting the Lowe's Home Improvement chain to recently withdraw advertising.