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More MorrisseyOke (Morrissey + karaoke), the audio version

Photo by Mae Ryan/KPCC

What is MorrisseyOke? Why Morrissey + karaoke, of course.

Today's Madeleine Brand Show featured a segment (with me as guest) on the latest incarnation of Latino L.A.'s well-documented love of Morrissey, the pop icon and former lead singer of The Smiths. Every other month or so, the DJ at a Boyle Heights bar called Eastside Luv spins original Smiths and solo Morrissey songs, dubbing down the vocals so that patrons can sing over them.

Then people take turns climbing onstage and belting out classics like "Shoplifters of the World Unite" and "Barbarism Begins at Home," karaoke style. It doesn't matter if it sounds good. It's Boyle Heights, it's Morrissey, and it's one big sing-along pachanga for fans who, like me, were raised on an Eastside soundtrack in which The Smiths figured prominently.

I featured a more detailed post with a video this week. And if you're one of these people who knows all of Morrissey's lyrics by heart, there's another MorrisseyOke at Eastside Luv tonight.

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