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Con ganas: Meet political artist Ernesto Yerena (Video)

KPCC videographer Julie Platner recently caught up with artist Ernesto Yerena, the artist behind the familiar "We Are Human" poster of a smiling child holding flowers. Done in his signature shades of turquoise and light red, the poster is a collaboration with artist Shepard Fairey, with whom Yerena has worked as an assistant.

Yerena's subjects have ranged from Cesar Chavez to Manu Chao, and like other young Latino artists who have become involved in immigrant rights activism, his art has been a common sight at rallies, on fliers, on t-shirts. He grew up as a fronterizo, born in in the Imperial Valley farming town of El Centro and raised between there and Mexicali across the border. He's force behind Hecho Con Ganas, through which he distributes his work.