Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Mistakenly deported teen is pregnant, Romney on the Dream Act and Latino voters, the anti-AB 131 campaign, more

Family demands answers after Texas teen mistakenly deported to Colombia - CNN More on the story of Jakadrien Turner, the missing 14-year-old Dallas runaway who was mistakenly deported to Colombia last year, apparently after giving authorities a false name. Making matters worse, her family has learned that she's now pregnant.

Arpaio Will Cooperate With DOJ; Wants Proof Of Findings - Fronteras Desk Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office has met yesterday's deadline to respond to a federal Department of Justice report alleging civil rights violations, saying it will cooperage with the DOJ.

Deportation threat lifted from S.F. gay spouse - San Francisco Chronicle Australian-born Anthony John Makk and his husband have been granted a reprieve from deportation after Makk, whose deportation was pending, won a two-year stay of removal.

Romney defends DREAM Act stance - CNN After recently saying he'd veto the federal DREAM Act, which would grand conditional legal status to qualifying undocumented college students and military recruits, he described his thoughts on "Hispanic-American" voters and President Obama thusly to CNN's Soledad O'Brien: "If they want a president who is going to talk to them about a handout or more benefits for free, they got that guy."

Volunteers gather signatures to repeal DREAM Act - The Daily Californian Volunteers gathering signatures for "Stop AB 131," an initiative intended to repeal the just-enacted California Dream Act which grants undocumented students more access to tuition aid, must gather 520,000 signatures by Saturday to place the measure on the November ballot.

Project Aims to Tell the History of Latinos in the US - Fox News Latino On the American Latino Heritage Fund, created last year by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The objective of the fund is to preserve the history of U.S. Latinos.