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'I won, cabrones!': Make way for the @MexicanMitt

Photo by halans/Flickr (Creative Commons)

First it was @ElBloombito, now it's @MexicanMitt. AJUA!

The Twitter meme has been gaining followers since it launched last night, featuring an image of a sombrero-wearing Mitt Romney and promising updates from "Most Mexican Man in The World!© Follow me as I run for Presidente of the United Estates! Ajua!"

It's a hilarious, if frequently expletive-laced, take on the GOP presidential hopeful and former Massachusetts governor's by now well-reported Mexican roots. Romney's father was born in the state of Chihuahua, a descendant of Mormons who moved to Mexico to pursue religious freedom in the wake of U.S. anti-polygamy laws in the 19th century. There are still Romneys living in Chihuahua, some of whom were recently interviewed in this MSNBC video.

A few of the printable standouts from @MexicanMitt:

They named MITTchoacan after ME, CABRONES!

They say I am a Ken Doll. CHALE! I am a MEXI KEN Doll!

You have to follow me like La Migra follows my primos!

You know how you can tell I am Mexican? Because I take the Americans jobs!

They even named a liquor after me: BRANDY EL PRESIDENTE!

And this one last night, after the real Romney's New Hampshire primary win:
I won, cabrones! Pinches New Hampshires!

No confirmation yet as to who the meme mastermind is, though I have my suspicions.

An interesting side note: George Romney, Mitt's father, was a former governor of Michigan. He attempted a run for the presidency in 1968, but his Mexican birthplace - though he was the son of U.S. citizens - got in the way of his eligibility, limited to those who are a "natural born citizen."