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More over @MexicanMitt, your new rival speaks French - sort of

The "attack croissant" of the Twitter parody?
Photo by Alexandra Moss/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Move over, @MexicanMitt. There's another bilingual Mitt Romney parody on Twitter now, and this one speaks (quelle horreur!) French. Sort of.

@LeVraiMitt ("the true Mitt") joined the Twitter meme ranks this morning and, like @Mexican Mitt, is steadily gaining followers and press coverage. Why French, one might ask?

Unlike the former meme, which seizes on Romney's Mexican roots (his father, a descendant of American Mormons who moved south in the 19th century, was born in the state of Chihuahua), this one seizes on the GOP presidential primary front-runner's limited command of French, picked up while living briefly in France as a Mormon missionary.

But just the fact that Romney made attempts at using French publicly has been enough for rival Newt Gingrich's campaign to blast him for it. In a recent ad painting the former Massachusetts governor as yet another too-liberal politico from that state, the voice-over says ominously: "and just like John Kerry...he speaks French, too!”

Enter @LeVraiMitt, who responds in pidgin French:

Monsieur Gingrich est tres unfair pour me attacker. Aussi il est un gros attack muffin. Ou peut-etre un attack croissant.

The translation, courtesy of The Atlantic Wire:
(That'd be, "Mr. Gingrich is very unfair for attacking me. Also, he is a large attack muffin. Or maybe an attack croissant." (Finally, we discover why studying Baudelaire was useful to our career.)

Aaaahh, please make it stop! @LeVraiMitt is an amusing read even for non-Francophones, as it's fairly easy to pick up comic bits and pieces. But there's one thing he hasn't said yet: AJUA!!!

As for @MexicanMitt, he's now on el Feisbuk.