How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Immigration not only issue for Latino voters, Kansas seeks waiver for undocumented workers, more

For Hispanics, it's not just about immigration - Miami Herald From the opinion piece: "Overlooked amid the loud immigration debate: Every major poll shows Hispanics are most concerned about jobs."

Kansas Seeks Waiver for Undocumented Workers to Solve Farm Crisis - Fox News Latino In hopes of solving a labor shortage, the state's agriculture secretary plans to seek a federal waiver that would let dairies and feedlots in Kansas hire undocumented workers.

Obama Campaign: GOP Rhetoric 'Sealed Political Fate' With Hispanics - ABC News A memo to reporters from campaign officials reads regarding the president's GOP rivals: “Their extreme rhetoric on immigration during the televised debates has rejected our history as a nation of immigrants and alienated millions of Hispanic voters nationally."

Newt Courts Latino Voters, But Do His Policies Match His Rhetoric? - Talking Points Memo Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has taken a more lenient stance on immigration than rival Mitt Romney, but there are questions as to how far he'd really go.

Police chief retiring in Conn. town hit by scandal - The Associated Press The police chief in Hartford, Conn., where four police officers have been charged with harassing Latinos and using excessive force, will now be retiring from office.

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