Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Affirmative action goes back to court, state immigration updates in Arizona and Alabama, from China to Iowa, more

Federal court to hear renewed challenge to California's affirmative action ban - San Jose Mercury News The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is getting ready to hear the latest challenge to Proposition 209, which banned affirmative action programs in California after voters approved it in 1996.

Arizona bills focus on illegal immigration - Arizona Republic Some state lawmakers are trying to revive bills that would require public school districts to keep track of undocumented students, and require hospitals to inquire about and report patients' immigration status.

Arizona Softens Tone on Illegal Immigrants - Wall Street Journal At the same time, business, religious and other community leaders have unveiled an "Arizona Accord" calling for a more immigrant-friendly strategy, which "notes the economic contribution of immigrants, espouses federal rather than state solutions, opposes policies that result in the separation of families and embraces a culture of inclusion."

Immigration from China surges in Iowa - Des Moines Register The demographic shift has been fueled by the growth of China's middle class, resulting in more U.S.-bound students: "By last fall, the number of undergraduate Chinese students at ISU had rocketed to more than 1,200 — a nearly 2,000 percent increase since 2006." Some stay to work in Iowa, creating networks.

Alabama Immigration Law May See Changes in Coming Weeks - Fox News Latino State lawmakers revising the anti-illegal immigration measure say they "plan to retool the controversial crackdown on illegal immigration without overhauling the legislation."

An immigration policy on deportation that isn't - Los Angeles Times An editorial addressing how despite assertions that wrongfully deported immigrants who challenge their deportation from abroad can return, it's practically impossible.

The fleeting memories of Angel Island - Los Angeles Times At an awards ceremony last week for the nonprofit Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, several people who recalled arriving from Asia as children and passing through the notorious San Francisco immigration station shared their memories.