Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: DHS budget proposes 287(g) cutback, California's affirmative action appeal, Alabama immigration law's costs, more

DHS budget proposes discontinuing 287(g) in some jurisdictions - Southern California Public Radio The Obama administration's Homeland Security budget proposal for fiscal year 2013 recommends slashing $17 million from the voluntary federal-local immigration enforcement partnership known as 287(g), but favors the mandatory Secure Communities.

Federal Appeals Court Hears Challenge To California Affirmative Action Ban - NPR The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing a challenge to Proposition 209, which 15 years ago effectively banned affirmative action in the state, brought by minority students who say the ban has reduced minority enrollment at University of California schools and created a hostile environment for students of color.

Ariz. immigration bills given slim chance - UPI Some Republican state lawmakers in Arizona are attempting to revive tough anti-illegal immigration legislation from last year, but "their hopes might be in vain because congressional focus is elsewhere."

Couple get 18 months in prison for harboring illegal immigrants - Los Angeles Times Maximino and Melinda Morales have been sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to harboring undocumented immigrants. They were accused of helping Filipino workers obtain fraudulent visas and making them live and work in substandard conditions while caring for elderly patients.

Alabama's Immigration Law Could Cost Billions Annually - Businessweek The first economic cost-benefit analysis of the state’s immigration statute known as HB 56, from the University of Alabama, concludes that the law could shrink Alabama’s economy by at least $2.3 billion a year and cost the state at least 70,000 jobs.