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Does school principal's letter blame Miramonte's 'children of undocumented parents' for what happened to them?

This one can be filed under "When schools send out questionable correspondence to journalist parents," among other things: A mini-flap is emerging in the wake of the Miramonte Elementary School teacher lewd-conduct scandal in South Los Angeles, this time having to do with the non-Latina principal of another elementary school in a more affluent part of town.

The Huffington Post has reprinted a letter sent out to parents by the principal of Rosewood Avenue Elementary School for Advanced Studies, a public school in West Hollywood. The letter, highlighted below, makes a reference to immigration status and is being read by some as blaming the Miramonte students and parents. At least that is how it was interpreted by one Rosewood parent, who happens to be columnist Tim Cavanaugh of the libertarian magazine Reason.

He wrote in his column: "Her focus on the kids" purported failure to speak up may be intended as an 'if you see something say something' advisory, but the focus itself is what is revealing. The inadequacy of the students and their parents, not the negligence of the school or the district, is to blame." How do you interpret this excerpt from the Rosewood principal's letter below?

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As I reflect on the disturbing occurrences at Miramonte, I am more confused over the fact that the children did not report. How is it that the children did not believe that what the teacher was doing to them was wrong? How could being blindfolded, placed in a closet, and having cockroaches placed on them not be wrong?

I believe that the teachers involved in these heinous acts preyed on the most vulnerable of the children; children of poverty, children of abuse, children with uninvolved parents, and children of undocumented parents.

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