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What does 'secure the border' really mean?

The headline that has most grabbed my attention this morning reads "Does 'secure the border' mean 'keep America white?' " Yes, just like that.

In anticipation of tomorrow's Republican candidates' debate in Arizona, CNN contributor LZ Granderson writes about the focus on the U.S.-Mexico border during the presidential campaign so far, writing about political euphemisms qualified with an "Oh boy, here comes the black guy playing the race card again."

But he brings up the security gaps that exist on the U.S.-Canada border and what little attention this receives from candidates and existing politicos, questioning how much of the campaign immigration rhetoric we hear actually means what it means - or whether it means something else intended to appeal to voters. Thoughts, anyone? Granderson writes:

Now there will be plenty of other buzz words and euphemisms that will be tossed around during the debate, but since it is being held in Arizona, chances are the most popular phrase will be "secure the border."

We must secure the border.

The candidates will argue that it's a matter of national security. That it isn't just the friendly illegal immigrants looking for work we must worry about, but terrorists, drug lords and other criminals who seek to make their way through our porous border. They will say if they were president they would build walls, add troops, even commission a Death Star to keep this country safe.

...They all will receive applause, and it will all sound great ... until you realize that "secure the border" is slang for "keep the Mexicans out."

Oh boy, here comes the black guy playing the race card again.

Yep, that's me -- pointing out that the Canadian border is largely ignored in this dialogue despite being more than twice the size of the Mexican border and less than 1% secure, according to a 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office.

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