Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, evangelicals and immigration, racial stereotypes on TV, more

LAPD Chief Beck expands on comments saying illegal immigrants should get driver's licenses - Southern California Public Radio Los Angeles Police Department chief Charlie Beck reiterated to reporters yesterday that he believes undocumented immigrants should qualify for provisional driver's licenses "as a way to keep other drivers and roads safe."

Evangelical leaders call for immigration overhaul - Chicago Tribune At a conference of evangelical leaders in Birmingham, Alabama, the religious leaders called for a "humane" overhaul of the immigration system in response to state anti-illegal immigration laws.

How Obama could win in a landslide - CNN A take on the themes covered in a new TIME magazine cover story, which makes the case that Latino voters could well decide who will be elected president in November.

Time Magazine Cover Depicts The 'Faces of the Latino Vote'--With a Non-Latino Face - OC Weekly The TIME cover story on Latino voters featured a cover collage of portraits of Arizona Latinos - but one man on the cover, according to the story, is not Latino but a half-Asian, half-white Arizona photojournalist.

For Asians And Latinos, Stereotypes Persist In Sitcoms - NPR Black television actors are no longer cast in stereotype roles to the same extent they were in the past. But the same can't be said for how Asian and Latino actors are cast.