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Now that we're talking about race and sports, how about about those team names?

Now that "Linsanity" has sparked a discussion over the use of racially charged terms in professional sports, how about those team names?

The conversation is being revived by some in Washington, D.C., where DCentric blogger Elahe Izadi has posted video of a local sports anchor once again bringing up the Washington Redskins. Anchor Jim Vance says in the video that he finds it odd that while some people he talks to are offended by derogatory language applied lately to New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin, who is Asian American, they seemingly aren't offended by "redskin," a derogatory term for Native Americans. From the post:

Race has increasingly become part of the story in the buzz around the first Asian American NBA starter, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Last week, a headline writer at ESPN was fired for publishing the headline "Chink in the armor" following a Knicks" loss. The discussions and outrage surrounding the offensiveness of the phrase have led some in the D.C. area to revive an old question: is the name of Washington"s football team, the Redskins, racist?

Local newscaster Jim Vance offered his commentary during an NBC4 telecast, calling for greater attention and dialogue to the appropriateness of the team name. He states, "I don"t know if it should or not be changed, but I"d sure rather not be cussed out for raising the question."

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