Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Misleading information on 'returning' deportees, an undocumented lottery winner, Obama's religion, more

Immigration Case Challenges Justice Department's Credibility - Wall Street Journal The federal Justice Department has said it's prepared to "correct its possibly misleading statements that influenced a Supreme Court ruling against immigrants facing deportation." The department had informed the high court that the government "facilitates" the return of deportees who afterward appeal their cases and win, which isn't really the case.

Undocumented Immigrant Wins Lotto Ticket Suit - Reuters A court has ruled that Guatemalan immigrant Jose Antonio “Tony” Cua-Toc, 27, is the rightful owner of a lottery ticket that won him $750,000 in 2010; because he's undocumented, he'd allowed his boss to come forward to claim the winnings, but his boss then tried to walk away with the money. 

Texas voter ID law rejected by Justice Department - Los Angeles Times The Justice Department has rejected a new Texas voter identification law, saying it could disproportionately affect Latino voters under federal voting laws. The law would require forms of ID that not everyone has.

France's Sarkozy vows to get tough on immigration - The Washington Post If the immigration rhetoric in the U.S. presidential campaign sounds harsh, try France. President Nicolas Sarkozy has been taking an increasingly hard line as he competes against a right-wing candidate, threatening to "pull France out of Europe’s 25-nation visa-free zone unless border controls are tightened to prevent illegal immigrants from sneaking in to find jobs."

New PPP Poll Suggests Most Mississippi Republicans Think Obama Is a Muslim - New York Times The religion rumor, similar to the born-in-Kenya rumor, is apparently back to haunt President Obama. A new poll suggests that 45 percent of Alabama Republicans (and 52 percent in Mississippi) think Obama is Muslim, while only 14 percent know that he’s Christian.