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'Can you hear me Major Juan?'

In honor of astronaut turned congressional candidate Jose Hernandez, who is being challenged by opponents over his use of "astronaut/scientist/engineer" on the June ballot (he left NASA last year), the satire site has posted a familiar-sounding ditty courtesy of David Bowie.

Contributor Victor Payan penned "Ground Control to Major Juan" to the tune of "Space Oddity," complete with a bizarre video featuring what looks like lots of foil. Three of my favorite stanzas:

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Ground control to Major Juan

Despierta America is on

Check your mapa and may the Virgen guide you through


This is Ground Control to Major Juan

You"ve won the loteria

And Alarma thinks that you used santeria

Now it"s time to have a cerveza muy fria


This is Major Juan to Ground Control

I"m stepping across the border

They"re speaking in a most peculiar way

And the Stars and Stripes are different today

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