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Latinos, health insurance and the Affordable Care Act

As the U.S. Supreme Court weighs the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, the polling firm Latino Decisions has posted a piece from University of New Mexico political scientist Jillian Medeiros that takes a look at where Latino voters stand on the ACA - and where they stand in terms of health coverage, which isn't great. According to the federal statistics presented, Latinos lack health coverage at a rate nearly three times that of non-Latino whites.

In poll results, Latino voters back the Affordable Care Act at a higher rate than the general population, though some also decline to support the health reform mandate. From the piece:

Latinos lack health insurance at the highest rates of any minority group. In 2010, 30.7 percent of the Hispanic population was not covered by health insurance, compared to 11.7 percent of the non-Hispanic White population. The ACA is projected to expand insurance to 9 million Latinos. Since insurance is the primary access barrier to health care for Latinos, the new health care reform bill is especially critical for the Latino community.

The significance of the ACA has not been lost on Latinos, since a majority of Latinos feel that the health care reform bill should stand as law and NOT be repealed. In fact, since Latino Decisions started collecting data in October 2011, on average 51% of Latinos have supported the ACA. Also, the percentage of Latinos who want to repeal health care reform has consistently been low; around 29%.

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