Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Senate takes up racial profiling, Romney distances himself from Kobach, changes to Alabama law, Latino voters, mor

After Trayvon, Congress Takes Up Racial Profiling - NPR A report on yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on racial profiling. There was testimony from lawmakers, law enforcement and civil rights leaders; profiling victims held a news conference afterward.

Latino voters take center stage in both presidential campaigns - Washington Post As the November election approaches, both President Obama and likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney are setting their sights on Latino voters, whose support will be critical to winning the presidency.

Unusual Alliances Form In Nebraska's Prenatal Care Debate - NPR A political battle over a bill that would restore publicly funded prenatal care for undocumented mothers has split legislators in Nebraska, not necessarily along predictable lines.

Romney appears to be GOP nominee -- now what? - CNN GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney appears to have become the unofficial the Republican party nominee, but he still faces an uphill climb. From the story: "Romney begins the race trailing Obama by double-digit margins among female voters and by almost 40 points among Latinos, according to some surveys."

Romney Demotes Immigration Adviser Kris Kobach To 'A Supporter - Talking Points Memo Kansas secretary of state and immigration-restriction activist attorney Kris Kobach has told press he's closely involved with the Mitt Romney campaign, but Romney has been trying to publicly distance himself.

Changes to Alabama Immigration Law Approved by Panel - Fox News Latino An Alabama legislative committee has approved a bill to modify Alabama's strict HB 56 anti-illegal immigration law, which they say will make the controversial law more defensible in court. But critics say the changes aren't enough.