Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: May Day rallies, illegal immigration talk vs. numbers, Rubio working both sides, Arizona ethnic studies, more

May Day protests: Thousands to participate in rallies across L.A. - Los Angeles Times Street closures began this morning and will last through the day downtown, where there will be an immigrant rights march this afternoon. It's one of several May Day marches planned today by different groups, including LAX workers and the Occupy movement.

Is illegal immigration passe? - Los Angeles Times An editorial looks at the dropping rate of illegal immigration vs. the political rhetoric, which would seem to indicate an altogether different immigration scenario.

Marco Rubio works both sides on immigration - Politico On the Republican senator's turnaround from the tough immigration talk that some labeled "extremist" in 2010 to pushing for a stripped-down version of the Dream Act. Rubio has won some new supporters, but others aren't clear as to where he really stands.

The case of an Armenian priest’s expired visa is upsetting many young parishioners - Southern California Public Radio Father Barthev Gulumian was in the U.S. on an R-1 visa, which is issued to religious workers and was arranged by the Armenian Apostolic Church based in Lebanon. But his visa has expired, something he discovered upon being detained at LAX last fall. Now he's been reassigned to Venezuela.

Tucson's Ousted Mexican-American Studies Director Speaks: The Fight's Not Over - ColorLines A Q&A with Sean Arce, the former director of Tucson Unified School District’s suspended Mexican American Studies program. He lost his job earlier this month following a decision by administrators to discontinue the program.